Middle East Video Analysis: How to Make Moderate Protest Disappear — Shout “Sectarian”


Prompted by a recent New York Times article about Bahrain — and contrasting it with what has happened in the Kingdom since 2011 — a look at how the media can “disappear” peaceful protests across the Middle East by shouting “Sectarian!”:

There you have it, folks. All the events of the last three years in the “Arab Spring” are just sectarianism. Protests have disappeared. Demands for rights and reforms have been overwhelmed….

If you want to walk away from the Middle East, if it’s just too difficult, you just say, “They’re always going to fight because they’re always been sectarian. They’re always trying to kill each other.”

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  1. Hello Scott

    I must say ,, spot on , and I totally agree . I am from northern Europe , Denmark ,,, I try to follow the overall coverage of the events in the middle east,,, and I not impressed especially the MSM seems to fall fore more fast black and white impressions of different events and issues …
    The core,,, : FREEDOM and HUMAN RIGHTS…
    So a lot is lost,,,,and this is easy to exploit ,, by smaller or bigger minoritees,in the different groups, i the actual conflict ….

    Just very refreshing to hear your comment,,, thank you…


      • Love your website
        But I must say there were some important factual errors in this video that clarify the picture.

        First Bahrain is not a few million, it is 1.3 million
        Of those 1.3 million, only 45% are Bahraini natives, the rest are migrant Asian workers or expats.
        These numbers are quite important because taken in context of the larger arab Spring, Bahrain is insignificant and not to be compared to Tunisia (10 million) Egypt (87 million) Libya ( 7 million) Syria (23 million)
        Bahrain in this context is insignificant

        This along with the fact that there is a thin line between protests by minorities and simply riots by minorities clarifies Bahrains place as a GCC country tied by a bridge to Saudi Arabia ( its tourism and agriculture lifeline)

        • Mofat,

          Thank you for posting the correct population figure. I think that makes the numbers in the mass protests in 2011 even more significant.


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