Gaza Video: Fighters Infiltrate Via Tunnel, Kill Israeli Soldiers


Video posted on Tuesday by the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, shows its fighters infiltrating Israel via a tunnel, attacking an outpost, and killing an Israeli soldier at close range as he lies on the ground.

Israel said that five of its troops had been killed in the Monday attack near Nahal Oz.

Israel’s official military objective in the airstrikes and ground offensive into Gaza is the demolition of the cross-border tunnels.

Warning — Graphic Images:

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  1. This Is why Russia is a staunch ally of Israel and Egypt, they all fear the same enemy. The host knows the alien egg is inside the organism and in his attempt to destroy it will mutilate his own body..

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    At the same time, the rising generation of Azerbaijanis is more seriously interested in Islam. This has happened because they have concluded that: “We don’t need Russia. The West is hypocritical and does not want anything besides our oil and gas and closes its eyes to all violations by the authorities of the norms of democracy.”

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