1. New Rebel Offensive Creates Havoc North Of Hama. Also, Daraa MAY have fallen.


    The above is the lead for my Syria roundup today which also includes battle reports by area, a report the regime has been dumping murdered prisoners in mass graves, a great cartoon on Putin and Obama pushing rebels to Geneva, and an article suggesting Syrian rebels were behind the assassination of a top Hezbollah figure.

    • I’ve just added two updates. One covers battle reports by area. The other features miscellaneous items and articles of possible interest.

      It looks like Kimli Hospital is likely to fall before days end for reasons cited in the roundup. That would be the rebels’ biggie for today.

  2. Why is Enduring America relying so much on SANA for reports on Aleppo. You guys are starting to sound like certain AP reporters and the NY Times.. Many usually reliable twitter sources who have shown no reluctance to report setbacks mention none of these moves described in SANA.They do report endlless shelling and air attacks in the Kweires area but nothing significant suggesting ground attacks. I’m not even sure the regime has the capability there. If it did, would it be relying on artilllery and air power to such an extent?.

    Where gains have been made recently in Aleppo they’ve mostly been on the rebel slide and slow going. I do expect that to speed up as all manpower shifts favor the rebels. They can reinforce. The regime cannot.

    Recall how when the regime first began its attacks on the suburb of Daraya, on East Ghouta and on Jobar by announcing total victory within a day or two. More than a year later it is still fighting to take these places. It’s as if such announcements of a virtual done deal were a standard requirement of regime reporting at the launch of any offensive. It may impress reporters hundreds or thousands of miles away but it just makes rebels yawn instead of promoting the desired sense of doom.

    Yet EA now treats SANA clamis as facts. If you listen SANA the regime has also conquered the sun, the moon and the sta

    • Red Tornadoes,

      We are not claiming SANA as facts, but are noting what they claim. It is important to report on all claims in events, including those from the regime.



    National Coalition issued a report where rebels took over control in 40 cities & villages in the past 10 days- in all parts of Syria. Meanwhile what did the regime take by comparison and how much additional attrition did it suffer in lost manpower and equipment?

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