Syria Spotlight: “Superior Funding, Resources Helping ISIS Pose Threat To ‘Moderates’ Near Turkey Border”


A source who has traveled recently along the Syria-Turkey border region has told EA that the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham is increasingly posing a threat to the moderate insurgency in the area, mostly because of the Islamist faction’s ability to attract and mobilize foreign funding and resources.

The source, who is an Arabic speaker, and who spoke to EA on condition of anonymity, says that he recently spent time in the town of Jarablus near the Turkey border. During his stay in Jarabulus the source claimed that he met with officers from the Free Syrian Army’s Tawheed Brigade and also spoke with fighters from the Northern Storm Brigade, who said that the situation for the moderate insurgency in the region had deteriorated.

The source described passing through ISIS-controlled checkpoints in the north of Syria, and claimed that ISIS fighters manning these checkpoints appeared highly disciplined and behaved in a “very polite” manner toward the source when they stopped his car to make checks.

Noting that ISIS has succeeded in gaining control of towns and areas in the north captured by the insurgents, the source claimed that the Islamist faction has begun setting up training camps and facilities in that border town.

The source went on to say that fighters from the FSA’s Northern Storm Brigade had told him that ISIS increasingly poses a threat to areas controlled by the “moderate” insurgency in the north, in large part because the Islamist faction has attracted foreign fighters and funding. The source claimed that ISIS had “considerable cash”, and that because of this, insurgent groups in the north do not try to confront them.

The threat posed by ISIS to the moderate insurgency’s gains in northern Syria is far greater than any threat posed by the local Islamist faction Jabhat al-Nusra, the source claims.

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  1. ISIS is slowly creating a state in Northern Syria. They are taking over ares after areas from other rebels, nobody confront them as they assassinate other rebels leaders or kidnap them. They destroyed Northern Storm brigade in Azaz, they destroyed Al Rassoul brigade in Raqqah, they destroyed Nusra in Jarablus. They are destroying the brigade of Hayani in Aleppo. They assassinated an important rebel commander in Latakia last summer, without any reaction. They kidnapped a Nusra emir in Raqqah, without reaction, they assassinated a Arhar al Sham commander as well, without serious reaction.

    They are bullying and slapping around other rebels forces and nobody dare to oppose them.

    The syrian governement and the PYD are the only forces fighting the ISIS. Other rebels groups have capitulated. They are far from beating unbeatable, as their heavy defeats in Safirah or against the PYD are showing.

    • The syrian Regime is the culprit, connected with the iranian Regime and Russia in strengthening Assad in its position and approach.

      The unconditional support that Iran and Russia were willing to offer to the massmurder Assad and their willingness to offer arms, supplies, funds and diplomatic cover, contrasted sharply with the prevarications of western leaders and shielded the Assads from any reality check vis-à-vis their choice of tactics. The Assads, as far as Iran and Russia are concerned, could do no wrong and the opposition groups could do no right, not unless they accepted a return to the status quo ante.

      While apathy and confusion on part of western leaders reigned, there was nothing but action and certainty on part of Iran and Russia. Considering this, and all the factors just highlighted, what chance did nonviolence really have?

      What will Assad do in the future ? He will do the same as he did in the past. He will continue to massacre the Syrian population – and let set aside ISIS and JAN because they are needed just
      for propaganda purpose by the gasmurder.

  2. “One can argue that Obama is aware of this potential and that its main interest in Geneva 2 is actually to create an alliance between the Assad regime (minus Assad), the political opposition and moderate rebel groups that can help her fight ISIS, JAN and their allies.

    This is at least what most Syrian rebels and political opposition members seem to believe. While some in the opposition might indeed be convinced to cooperate in such a scheme, because they do see Al-Qaeda as an enemy and because they want the Assads’ genocidal war to stop, they simply have no reason to trust or believe that the Obama Administration can indeed deliver the goods, especially ensuring the departure of Assad and his top commanders, as well as the departure of Iranian troops and other foreign Shia fighters.”


    “Its (Obama) willingness to strike a deal with Iran over the nuclear issue seems premised on a trade-off that includes turning a blind-eye on Iran’s support to Assad and her growing presence in Syria. But by giving Syria to Iran, the Obama Administration is, in fact, ensuring Syria’s partition, knowing that major chunk of territory will fall to Al-Qaeda.”

    Abdulhamid, cited by catmari.

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