Syria Photo Essay: Post-Traumatic Stress, Prosthetic Limbs, & Determination in Idlib & Hama


Photojournalist Daniel C. Britt has published a series of photographs taken on a recent trip to Idlib and Hama Provinces in Syria.

Photographs from Kafranbel — which many followers of the conflict know for its hard-hitting, English-language banners — go beyond the “Friday protest” images to show the personal realities of the ongoing conflict. Small children listen for explosions as they try to sleep in a makeshift shelter. Abdul Nasr, an insurgent who lost a leg in a bazooka attack rests at home. A four-year old girl freezes as a regime warplane passes overhead.

In Hama Province, Britt shows us scenes from insurgent life, as around 100 armed fighters gather to announce the formation of a new brigade, Liwaa Mujahideen Hama, and promise to open up humanitarian aid corridors to help civilians in the province. In other shots, insurgents stop for cigarette breaks, prepare their weapons for battle, pray, and rest.

To view the full series of photographs — all available for sale — visit Britt’s website.

Featured image: A masked rebel carries a homemade rocket through a field in the outskirts of Hama province, Syria, on Monday, October 28, 2013. About 100 fighters from eight local brigades announced they were uniting to form a new force called “Liwaa Mujahideen Hama” or “Brigade of Fighters in Hama.” At the meeting, LMH officials said the coalition would be able to organize safe passage for aid workers throughout the province. Fighters compared weapons and socialized.

Note to readers: EA has been granted permission to post this photograph from the collection, but please note that the copyright to the image belongs to Daniel C. Britt and its reuse is not permitted.

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