Supreme Leader Called Israel A “Rabid Dog” — Does It Matter?


On Tuesday, the Supreme Leader, in a speech to 50,000 members of the Basij militia, said Israel was the rabid dog of the region — and his office followed it up on Thursday with a poster via Twitter.

So do we have an international crisis here, a complete break-down of negotiations — possibly leading to a deal — with the Islamic Republic?

No. Not yet.

“If the talks with Iran break down in Geneva, then the rhetoric comes back to center stage.”

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  1. It does matter. Can they really not see how it makes it more difficult for western powers to negotiate with a regime while their leader is calling Israel a “rabid dog”? It’s already difficult enough because they refuse to accept the very existence of a state recognized by the UN. Are they so desperate for support that their leader has to resort to constant namecalling?

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