1. Oh course, the heroic Bashar al-Assad would find himself needing to fulfill his obligations to clear the suburbs from Jobar to Muadimiyeh ash-Sham of the Zionist Jinn who created the 6-month-old baby-chemical-weapons Warriors of the terrorists. These child Crusaders were defeated once and will be defeated again. One child drove his car right into one of Assad’s stunt double’s homes, but fortunately was intercepted. It is no wonder that Bashar must go into hiding in order to continue his valiant war against the takfari Crusaders from his temporary occlusion. The Vietnam War traitor, Secretary of War, John Kerry, is all bluster and no action, because his master, SPUS, is actually a slave to the effete radical pusillanimous radical left ( we love how the Chinese and the Russians find the best and ugliest English words for us. Our second favorite is “bellicose” because it rings the bell of hypocrites )

  2. I wonder what this means for Saudi influence in the Arab world – particularly in Egypt – in light of the foreign minister’s statement. Needless to say, this leaves the US even more isolated in the World:

    Arab League urges UN blessing for action

    “The Arab League urged the world to punish the Syrian regime for its alleged use of chemical weapons, but failed to endorse any military action without the blessing of the UN, a setback for US President Barack Obama and his attempt to garner domestic and international support for an attack.

    Efforts by Saudi Arabia and Syrian opposition leaders to convince the organisation to back a US military strike failed.”

    • Actually Iran is the one who is isolated. The overwhelming majority in the arab world want Assad to go and Iran will be lucky if they are even allowed to participate in Geneva II. The arab street has turned drastically in how they view Iran. The only people supporting Assad are Iran’s puppets in Lebanon and Iraq. Egypt’s military rulers are just angry because we condemned their crackdown and threatened to cut aid. I wonder how Syria voted. Oh nevermind I almost forgot that they got booted from the arab league.

    • Hi, Pak. Don’t you have it backwards. Isn’t it Iran that is more isolated than ever as a result of aiding and abetting Assad’s secrarian war on Sunnis? Even Rafsanjani has noted how crazy it is for the regime to seek improved ties with the Arabs or an end to sanctions while doing that.

      No charm offensive can win people over when they have no doubt that that if the Iranian economy were allowed off the hook, half the money would go to help Assad murder more Syrians in the regime’s quest for regional hegemony while the rest would simply line the pockets of the Larinjani brothers and IRCG generals.

  3. EA, ‘Daily Syria’ on August 13th:

    “Video: Islamic State of Iraq and as-Sham Fighter Promotes Its Help for Women and Children in Lattakia Offensive

    A video promoting the Islamic State of Iraq and as-Sham proclaims its help for women and children in the Lattakia offensive, with testimony from a woman holding a child and a statement from an ISIS fighter:


    Quite different – the same vid appeared on EA with English captions, implies that the women and kids are abducted by jihadists, with the woman – probably Alawite – pledging for international help.


    So, I don’t understand Arabic, but Joanna did, didn’t she? Are the captions OK?

    • Max,

      Thanks — you’ll notice the Editor’s Note in the entry for August 13, which adds information such as the women and children being held hostage for the release of detainees from regime prisons.

      Scott Lucas

  4. RE: “Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday criticized what he said was ‘absolutely unconvincing’ US evidence that the Assad regime is responsible for the August 21 chemical attacks near Damascus, ”

    There is always the dilemma and question, “When I shoot you dead, where is your testimony? Russians know the silence of the Gulags and the death camps. The only error is to let the media show pictures. Without the light of day and without the Zionist pictures, the correct occlusion can be praised. The enemy is quick to bury their mistakes so that we can not examine every exploitable nit whose re-interpretation and proper valiant distortion could be used for the body of the Islamic Caliphate that must prevail at all costs.

  5. If the Arab League is so keen about striking Syria, why don’t they do it themselves? The combined air-forces of the KSA, Emirates, Qatar and other AL members, are strong enough to strike Syria.

    • Exactly.

      It is time the Arabs sorted out their own problems, instead of crying for help from the US and then complaining about US “imperialism”.

    • The army of the arab league is virtual…. The only semi decent arab armies are the egyptians and the algerians. None of them would attack Syria.

      The saudi army can’t even deal with the Houtis and you will never ever see a Qatari even going to a frontline, bet on that.

    • What does international law say about gassing civilians and firing indisriminate ballistic missiles into heavy populated civilian areas? Oops my bad. I forgot that the US was the only country that international law applies toward. How silly of me. Where were these people crying about international law when Assad slaughtered tens of thousands of his own civilians?

      • I’ll try to answer you by highlighting two aspects:
        1. There were no independent,neutral inquiry on which party used CW.Both opposing sides are accusing each other.
        2. The statistics say that pro-government side lost most people comparing with the opposition.So if one needs to use terms like ‘slaughter’ then it might be more appropriate to say that rebels ‘slaughted’ the loyalists.

        • You didn’t answer anything. All you did was try to defend a murderous regime. What is the source of the statistics you mention?

        • [Edited by moderator]

          There were a few regime soldiers who got hurt when handling Sarin weapons without the necessary precautions. Otherwise there is no evidence that neighborhoods controlled by the regime were attacked by CWs.

          Provide evidence.

  6. Assad gave an interview to French newspaper Le Figaro. The journalist who interview him said that it was at a house outisde the presidential palace and he only saw one barrage to meet him, saying that the security was light.

    This is surprising for a man with so many ennemies.

    • Not surprising at all…….now if he came out of his spider hole more often walking around his own country might be very dangerous.

  7. [Edited by moderator]

    An information widely disregarded in mass media.After initial storming the pro-government villages in Latakia,last month,rebels took hundreds of civilians,majority women and children into captivity,as war prisoners (as they say).This was in revenge for their men fighting along SAA against jihadi invasion of their homes.

    EA should post this on first page because it provides an alternate explanation of the whole incident.
    Video by Al Jazeera:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hp4glAZ9_xg&feature=c4-overview&list=UUx6Uyh_iiqER337f0FPlmtQ

    • bute,

      This propaganda video accurately presents the Lattakia incident — see our editor’s note on Syria Today for August — but there is no claimed connection in the video to the August 21 chemical weapons attacks with blame put on insurgents.

      I have edited your comment to keep the relevant portion.


  8. EA has lots of good stuff today, particularly the report on Rafsanjani.

    Before doing my own research, I led off my Syria Roundup today by drawing attention to that material while adding substantial analysis. For example I agree with EA’s conclusion that Assad will resume his planned offensive in Damascus but followed up by evaluating his chances of success based on what we’ve seen of regime capacities.


    I’ve just posted the above at 11:45 am Pacific Time so allow time to get the post approved. As usual, I’ll be researching updates which cannot be posted until that happens. Thanks.

    One consequence of the recent hullabaloo is that–without a bomb dropped–you can see how it has already deprived Assad of his trump card when faced with an intolerable defeat like that at Qualamoun yesterday. Had he gotten away with his chemical weapons attack earlier, is there any doubt he’d use it now? Knowing of the upcoming vote in Congress and cruiser-equipped destroyers lurking nearby, he can hardly risk it, can he? And if he does, the certain blowback will trump any gains tenfold.

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