1. Congratulations to Mr Rouhani for appointing Ms Afkham. Just another Fati Commando that proves the IR continues to move backwards as in the last 34 years instead of adapting itself to the needs of a modern Iranian society — modern despite its Neanderthal leaders.

  2. So this boils down to a pissing contest between Israel and Iran?

    I would like to know who got to Obama and what he thinks he’s getting from all of this! I don’t think the people of Syria or the US/UK are getting anything for their money, trouble and personnel!

  3. “…Fati Commando…”


    I wonder if she has special clearance from the hijab patrol, how does she dare to flash us like that….I’m having hard time to concentrate now!

  4. If they think they can hold Israel hostage then I wish they would go ahead and try it. They can’t even handle ragtag rebels in Syria, but apparently they think they can handle a country far more advanced than they are. Good luck with that. Let me know how that works out. They are in no position to be attacking anybody or even threatening anybody. Opening up a new front against a technologically advanced adversary is a great idea. Their mouths are writing checks that their military can’t cash.

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