1. In addition to United4Iran’s Behind Bars events for global solidarity in San Francisco and Vienna, a number of other events took place all over the globe including in New York, Ireland, Washington D.C., and Turkey. The events focused on human rights conditions inside Iran, such as the release of political prisoners, and honored those who have lost their lives in the struggle for human rights and democracy in Iran. Here is an overview of the events including photos and videos: http://org2.democracyinaction.org/o/6160/t/0/blastContent.jsp?email_blast_KEY=1253266

  2. Iranian Naval and Maritime Strategy

    “In the recent past, Iran has decreased the size, scope, and geographic reach of several of its maritime exercises. Considered in isolation, a reduction in maritime exercises might appear to be evidence that Iran’s maritime capability is in decline, or that it does not have adequate resources to execute maritime operations in support of its strategic objectives.

    A holistic view of the evidence, however, reveals that at the same time Iran has reduced the size, scope and reach of its local maritime exercises, it has also taken three distinct actions that reflect its broad, strategic ambitions.

    The totality of evidence indicates that Iranian maritime activity in support of the Iranian strategic objective of regional power and influence is evolving and expanding, not contracting. The Iranian regime is not in decline, and it is not a state that is isolated from the international community. Iranian strategic ambition is expanding, and the Iranian regime is using its maritime entities, namely, IRIN, IRG CN, and IRISL, to realize that strategic ambition.”

  3. If this is not an episode of the genocide against people with Baha’i faith under IRI, then I don’t know what is.

    30 years ago in Shiraz ten Baha’i women sacrificed their lives for their Faith

    “30 years ago I had just graduated from high school and every possibility of life was open infront of me. That was not the case for a beautiful girl only a year younger than me who, together with nine other innocent women, was executed in the historic Iranian city of Shiraz for their belief in the Baha’i Faith. Despite my ongoing interest in world affairs, in my post-graduation joy I had been unaware of that atrocious event. Today, 30 years later, the story of the martyred Baha’i women of Shiraz needs to be retold and shared widely as the fate of their coreligionists in Iran, the cradle of the Baha’i Faith, has not gotten any better over the past 30 years.”


    • I think one of the things that this regime has done(unintentionally of course)is to draw attention to some of the issues that people were very ignorant about. Such as rights of minorities like bahai’s. When I was growing up people were for most part ignorant of what was happening to bahai’s. I grew up around them as friends and neighbours, and I knew better, but some of the BS we were fed in school about bahai’s were unreal and all were fanned by mullahs. They have been subject of abuse for decades, young and old…just do a google search see how much you find from 50 and 60s…I know some of them first hand.

      • Very True! Still have to argue with old relatives about this subject! It is a shame! At some levels, I am not surprised at the connection between Hojjatieh Society to Mesbah-Yazdi to Ahmadinejad’s denial of holocaust. I think this is related when you are creating yourself a similar event, really a genocide of your own people and deny doing it! It’s a shame that the global community doesn’t put its foot down confronting IRI’s barbaric treatment of people with Baha’i faith in Iran. It is crime against humanity!

  4. Head of the Qazvin judiciary has announced an end to the practice of executions in public, due to “judiciary policies and international and human rights considerations”. Jamal Ansanri has said that since the public executions were being recorded and the visual recordings were distributed worldwide they were ending the practice.


    • The first two inspired by national pride and the last three inspired by sharia pride????
      One says we want to be the best, the other says lets watch the worst…

  5. On Point!

    Why Iran Can’t Reform

    “So a “moderate” has won the Iranian presidential election. He’s a moderate who advertises himself as a sly defender of Tehran’s nuclear aspirations. He’s a moderate who’s been warning Western countries to stay out of Syria’s civil war (where Iran has been giving massive support to the beleaguered dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad). He’s a moderate who was allowed to run only after a host of more pragmatic candidates were cut from the field by the current leadership’s vetting commission. And he’s a moderate who’s made it clear that he’s not about to tamper with the principle of clerical rule that stands at the core of the system Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini established in 1979. So should we be celebrating?”


  6. MeliMazhabi site gives first signs on manipulation of vote on election day.

    They point to the rumors of Guardian Council’s move to cancel Rouhani’s approval due to survey results presented to the leadership which prevented it from becoming public.

    They also report that on 2 am Saturday final results were know but it would be 6 to 7 hours before they became public. It was also decided that the results would be revealed in stages gradually, so that final results would be announce at night to minimize the presence of people on the streets. Nothing further is known about what took place at the Interior Ministry to make these decisions.

    Finally, the site reports that they have heard that Rouhani’s vote was between 21-23 million but it was reported down.


    P.S. I have tried to find the statistics on how different regions voted. Two questions:
    1. Has anyone found a site that reports the regional results?
    2. When were the regional results reported in 2009?

  7. Did Khamenei Hear the People’s Call?

    “So now we must wait and see whether Mr. Khamenei will allow change to expand and deepen or not. This is only the beginning.”


    It`s a lose – lose situation for Khamenei: If he allows effective change it will be interesting how quick and far this changes will go – If not – the political and economic conditions will continue to deteriorate

  8. “The people brought back hope” failure to unite behind a single candidateRouhani said

    Arguments why Rouhani had won:

    1. large turnout

    2. reemergence of the opposition movement

    3. establishment’s fear of a repeat of the mass street protests

    4. failure of the principlits and traditionalists to unite behind a single candidate

    5. sanctions on IRI that effectively turned the election into a referendum on Khamenei’s
    hard-line nuclear policies.

    6. Rouhani promised to improve the economy
    b. calling for moderate policies home and abroad
    c. and for an end to Iran’s international isolation
    d. He linked the importance of Iran’s nuclear program to people’s everyday lives.

    7. Khamenei was willing to accept Rohani’s win because of his profile

    8. Rafsanjani (candidacy was denied) may have been too powerful for Khamenei,
    but Rouhani may be more pliant.”

    9. The regime is trying to heal the internal divisions within Iran and alleviate external pressure

    10. last day momentum for Rouhani
    people did not decide to vote for Rohani until election day. Many people, the journalist
    said, mobilized and encouraged others to vote for Rohani.


    BTW – Rouhani condemned the2009 protests as a move by “some who had been fooled.”

  9. Ahmadinejads uncertain future – Scott Lucas cited by Recknagel

    “Scott Lucas, an Iranian affairs expert at Britain’s Birmingham University, says that Ahmadinejad’s second term has seen him transform from a close ally of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei into a president openly at odds with the ruling clerical establishment.”

    Ahmadinejad, 56, has so far given little indication of how he sees his own future. He has only said his immediate plan is to return to university teaching. He holds a doctorate in transportation and was a lecturer prior to his political career.


    Mahmoud will be a colleague of Scott? ,:)

  10. Intelligence Agency sends threatening text messages to public

    “The Communications Headquarters of Iran’s Intelligence Agency has recently sent text messages to political activists and the general public, threatening them to watch their steps.
    According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), during the last few days, the Communications Headquarters has broadcast text messages as a warning to the public. “Your behavior is unacceptable,” the message says. “Repeating it will have legal repercussions.””


  11. RE: EA Worldview are pleased to note that we have been using the correct English spelling of Rouhani’s name all along.

    Congratulations on spelling “What’s-His-Name” ‘s name correctly. But I’m sure you can’t spell the former Polish Prime Minister’s name that sounds like Tah-day-ooosh Mas-oooh-wess-key. *


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