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100 Most Recent Comments
  • Syria Daily: Rebels Within 3 Miles of Hama City (22)
    • Bs As { Western advances in science can bring him back to life without permanent brain damage. } – Mar 23, 5:12 PM
    • Woody { It can't end with him. It can end without him, and it needn't end in a disaster if key elements of the regime can remain intact. Of course, he may... } – Mar 23, 5:02 PM
    • datepalm { People want Ghaddafi back ? Which people ? Not people in Libya i'd imagine. And why should Libyans want Ghaddafi anyway, when it appears they've got you to speak for... } – Mar 23, 3:51 PM
    • Tundra { Add Yemen too. Conflict already in its third year with no end in sight. } – Mar 23, 3:49 PM
    • magpie { https://mobile.twitter.com/A7_Mirza/status/844633972806168576/photo/1 Deir Hafer surrounded.Unless ISIS breaks through to pocket this East Aleppo town should be snuffed out soon.I assume then,the offensive will stall in this area as elite SAA units... } – Mar 23, 3:17 PM
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  1. niallfraserlove
    niallfraserlove June 14, 15:27

    Hey look its a picture of Ziad Abu Fadel!

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  2. general electric servisi
    general electric servisi July 31, 14:58

    You are a voice of reason amid the voices of panic. Thank you.

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